Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Crazy Love" and "White Chalk"

Saw "Crazy Love" last night. Amazed by Burt and Linda's astounding ability to remain in the headlines.

I guess once you've blinded your one true love with lye, done time for it, married her, cheated on her, and appeared on every talk show known to humankind, the only thing left for her to do is start a little fire and let nature take its course.

"White Chalk," the new PJ Harvey album, is as good as Michael said it was. "Grow Grow Grow" is particularly lovely and cinematic; I don't know how not to make a Grimm fairy tale out of the lyrics. It's as perfect for fall as Spoon's "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" was for summer. Also liking the new Radiohead, and utterly in love with the final track, "Videotape," one of the most beautiful things they've ever recorded. (Hence the name of this blog.) A coworker and I, in a spare moment, compiled our Top 5 Loveliest Radiohead Songs. His #1 was "How to Disappear Completely"; he also included "Nude," from "In Rainbows," which I admit is very nice. My list:

Exit Music (For a Film)
Let Down
Life in a Glasshouse
Like Spinning Plates

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mairead said...

Wait, wait -- weren't you going to name it after something rhyming with House at Pooh Corner? Neal, I'm disappointed.