Thursday, June 26, 2008

A new Coldplay song that isn't "Violet Hill" or "Viva La Vida"

Not too shabby. Reminds me a bit of "The Scientist" (from A Rush of Blood to the Head), except that this is obviously a bit happier.


Neal said...

Heard "Strawberry Swing" today on KEXP, and I like it even better than "Lost?" (though I need to listen to the louder, slicker version -- titled "Lost!" -- a bit more before I make any big proclamations). Looks like I'm liking the new album a good deal more than the last one, despite any wishes I may have had not to. Nice for summer, anyway.

Neal said...

YouTube commenter scribble127 nails "Lost!": "[T]he lyrics are pants, but musically, this is awesome."

Side note: I want to become someone who says things like: "The lyrics are pants."