Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's happened in the last two weeks

A lot:
  • Angela visited for about a week. We had a wonderful time, though her stay was far too short. (Among our activities: watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which was actually pretty decent, and the X-Files movie, which really wasn't.)

  • I watched Ginger Snaps, which instantly became my favorite werewolf movie, only partly by virtue of being the only werewolf movie I've ever seen (except Wolf, but let's really not talk about that). Ginger Snaps is viewable in its entirety (in pieces, appropriately enough) on blessed YouTube.

  • The Kibbutz served an amazing Israeli Shabbat dinner -- one of the best Middle Eastern meals I've ever eaten.

  • I experienced a revitalizing facial, courtesy of Kibbutz regular Olga. Hot towels on the face are always good.

  • I drove Huma to the airport for her California trip.

  • I moved.

  • I went blackberry picking with Joel and Tamar, and the Kibbutz subsequently served a blackberry-themed potluck that included blackberry pie, muffins, and ice cream.

  • Push, the queer feminist zine that Reed used to work on, had its farewell party at Hugo House. The event was lovely; the cake was exquisite.

  • I went on my first-ever Costco run with Tamar. We bought a lot of cranberry juice.

  • I made my first post to the Moishe House blog.

  • I watched Obama give his acceptance speech in a Belltown bar packed with extremely excited Democrats. (Obama was in Denver; I was in the Belltown bar. Just to be clear.)

  • I went to Bumbershoot and enjoyed Band of Horses even more than I thought I would. That Ben Bridwell is a card.
Upcoming: a Labor Day swim, Death Cab at Bumbershoot, an interview at a temp agency, and a performance by Mike Daisey at Town Hall.

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