Monday, July 26, 2010

Neal Schindler was pretty damn disappointed by "Inception."

22 hours ago
    • Irina Litvin aww really? what was so bad about it?
      22 hours ago

    • Dain Michael Down You are the only person I've heard yet to say anything negative
      21 hours ago

    • Fai Sigalov I think the hype is now exceeding the goodness of the movie, so people's expectations are too high. but I thought the movie was reasonably good.
      21 hours ago

    • Neal Schindler Dain, the writing was strictly functional and mostly humorless, I didn't care about any of the characters (which has never been true before in a Christopher Nolan movie for me), and all in all I thought it was a muddled mess, visually exciting at times but mostly boring dramatically and narratively. And Nolan's "The Prestige" is just the opposite: lovely in nearly every way.
      21 hours ago

    • Neal Schindler I think he should get his brother to help him write screenplays again. Also, the editing was really bad. Like, unusually bad.
      21 hours ago

    • Tim O'Connor The three people I saw it with, and I, were all disappointed.
      17 hours ago

    • Reed Forrester
      ‎90% of the dialogue was like this:
      "We have to gobbledgook now or really bad blah blah will happen!"
      "What do you mean?"
      "Thank you for asking me that leading question! What I meant was yet another nonsense rule about why we have to do this ridiculous but visually cool thing set to tense music."
      "But what about your psychological drama that is putting us all in grave danger of something or other?"
      "I stoically deny that I am controlled by my deep pain, but don't worry because at the end of the movie I will resolve my dilemma in an emotionally affecting way and redeem myself."

      12 hours ago

    • Jason Vanhee Absolutely agree. It was almost impossible to invest in anything happening, the movie was internally inconistant in a terribly sloppy way, and in the end, it possessed no meaning at all.
      12 hours ago

    • Jessica Punta when it opened with leonardo decraprio on like a beached whale, i was like "Titanic 2" here we go.
      11 minutes ago

    • Neal Schindler I'm not a Leo hater, but this was hardly his best role.
      2 seconds ago

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