Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ecstatic dance, baked rigatoni, road trip

I went to Dance Underground tonight for ecstatic dance. I dug it. It reminded me of the dance class I had in elementary school in which the teacher told us we were all ingredients in a stew in a giant witch's cauldron. We zoomed around the studio in a big circle like crazy little kids, which we were. It was great. Tonight was a little like that, for which I'm grateful. It's nice to have sore feet because you actually used your body for something other than sitting and typing and walking to lunch.

Also, I ate a lot of soy ice cream when I got back, and watched a bit of Top Chef with Angela, Michael, David, and Jessi.

Oh, and earlier today I had lunch at Skillet. I ordered baked rigatoni with ricotta and weird broccoli. It was fantastic. Dessert was Nutella and banana on crostini, and we also had Mexican Coke (real sugar! glass bottle!) to drink. And I'm writing an article about Dreamlets, the invention of potluck regular Matty Harper, for NWsource. I'm excited. The interview is on Monday.

In other news: Kickball starts tomorrow. It'll be fun to run around again, this time in a non-dance context. I sincerely hope our team name doesn't end up being the Schoolyard Bullies, though. Someone suggested the RickRollers, and I loved that. I hope we get to be the RickRollers.

Finally, I gave notice at work this past Friday. Tentative plan: Stay in Seattle through May, drive down the West Coast in June, return to Seattle by July 4 to fly to Germany with my mom for our Eurotrip. We're going to Freiburg, where I spent several years of my childhood, then Paris; the first leg of the trip is, in part, about a big dinner my mom has arranged in honor of my dad, who died approximately five years ago (June 11, 2003). After Paris, I might remain in Europe and Eurail it for a while, staying in hostels; upon my return, I'd sell or ship anything that didn't fit in my car (I'm buying Angela's car!), pack up the rest, and drive east. East! Through Montana and other pretty states, and hopefully to Chicago, where I'll pick up my friend Margo. Then we'll head to the East Coast; once we arrive, she'll fly back. That's one plan, anyway. And where will I end up? I'm thinking either Brooklyn or an intentional community in New England. The fictional Fieldstone Collective from The Ballad of Jack and Rose, even though we get only a brief glimpse of it, really inspired me.

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There is a place like the Fieldstone Collective, here in New England in fact. In Schutesbury, Mass. there's a long standing commune called the Sirius Community. Their website is