Friday, September 12, 2008

Clearwire update

I gave 'em hell, and they agreed to refund me 16 months' worth of charges. I was flabbergasted, which is to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Very, very surprised. Let this be a lesson to all who deal with shady corporations: Threaten to sic the law on them enough, and they may actually play ball. That they agreed to repay me, however, doesn't make their past dealings any less shady, or their customer service any less awful. (Tony, the rep who made sure my money would return to my account, was the first Clearwire employee I've talked to -- and I've talked to a lot -- who was any help at all.) So, in honor of the fact that it's still a bad idea to turn over so much as a nickel to this questionably run company, here's a random anti-Clearwire screed. It's one of approximately ten zillion currently available online.

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