Sunday, December 14, 2008

My day is officially brightened

By two things. First, a graphic brought to my attention by Geoff:

Second, the description of World Kissing Day '08, a Facebook event my friend Dana just RSVPed to (and you should, too), translated endearingly from the original Italian:
30.12.08 WORLD KISSING DAY '08
Just for one day let's put aside all kinds of hostility, let's move away from our head all

negative thoughts and all rivalries between colleagues or friends!
Let's end 2008 in a great way! How to do that? That's easy!..let's kiss everyone we know!
It doesn't matter what kind of kiss it's gonna be. You can choose the one you like! It could

be a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the lips, on the doesn't matter the way you

kiss each others!
To take part to the World Kissing Day '08 you need to invite most of your friends on

Facebook! Who knows, maybe we'll be able for a day not to hear bad news on TV and we'll be

able to end 2008 with a good laughter!!!

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