Thursday, July 23, 2009

A relic of my tween years -- for iPhone!

As reports, The Secret of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert's landmark 1990 pirate adventure game, has been reworked for everyone's favorite smartphone, and the results are impressive:

I loved Monkey Island when I was a pre-adolescent video-game fanatic, and I still have great affection for it. It's beautiful graphically, its clever, geeky sense of humor influenced mine, it boasts inventive and memorable music, and it's about as well plotted as any game I've played. (Loom also comes to mind.) I'm glad to see it updated in such loving fashion, and I especially appreciate that the iPhone app lets you switch to the original version instantly at any time during gameplay. Hope somebody gives Monkey Island 2 similar treatment. (Hat tip to Jay V. for posting the article on Facebook.)

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