Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is not a long, reflective post

I haven't been writing those for a while. Variety of reasons. I do want to get back to them, but in the meantime I've tried to post little things I've found around the Internet. And I hope to feature more old poems -- the ones I'm willing to share.

I have a new writing goal: Send poems to trusted fellow writers, get feedback, and read at Coffeehouse in August. I've found myself writing new poems lately from a place of need, i.e. "I'm going slightly crazy and I need to get this out in a brief, relatively unstructured form that forgives vagueness, at least in the first draft." So I'll maybe start posting those. I read other people's blogs and see what personal stuff they reveal -- Sasha and Dane come immediately to mind -- and I'm inspired and a little ashamed that I don't do the same.

There's the 21st-century dilemma of how much to make public, since your boss or mother or friends or ex might be reading what you write, but other bloggers seem to find that fine line pretty consistently. I thought I was running a slight risk when I wrote about going, and staying, on Lexapro, but there's stuff that's a whole lot more personal than that. And maybe by posting poems I can bring some of it to light.

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