Thursday, August 13, 2009

Angel with an AK

I thought 2012 looked ridiculous, but Legion has it beat. (Watch the trailer; you'll see what I mean.) Evil shape-shifting angels who bite people and light cars on fire? Archangel Gabriel as a supervillain? Nice job, Hollywood. Way to give the Religious Right more ammo in their war against the entertainment industry. Now it's that much easier to dismiss it as a heathenish, amoral wasteland.

Seriously, though: The old lady zombie angel? Who crawls on the ceiling? I feel like I've seen that in 20 other thriller previews.

I want a Jewish equivalent in which Moses comes back for revenge after being denied entrance to the Promised Land: Exodus II: Moses Strikes Back. Trailer ends with him turning a bazooka on God. Robert Downey, Jr., stars in full Tropic Thunder mode.

Michael Bay directs.

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