Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mayuri will make you glad to be alive

My friend Huma's surprise going-away party (she's moving soon to Washington, D.C.) happened this past Sunday at Mayuri Cafe, part of the Mayuri family's small empire of Indian restaurants, food stores, and video rental places in Redmond. Huma recommended the samosa chat, which consists of a samosa broken into pieces, smothered in spicy and delicious sauces, and accompanied by chick peas and vegetables. It's out of this world, it's a filling plate of food, and it costs $3.99.

There's plenty of other good stuff on the menu, but Huma swears by the chat options, which replicate typical Indian street food. (My previous favorite local Indian eatery, Capitol Hill's Travelers, now has some stiff competition.) Mayuri's desserts are splendid as well; the mango cake, which Dinesh ordered, was just one of many tempting treats.

The nearby food store is a marvel, too, as it carries everything from cricket bats and lentils in bulk to an authentic Indian mouth-freshening concoction called mitha pan. I didn't even make it into the Bollywood-heavy video store, but I know there'll be a next time, so I'll just have to stop in then. In the meantime, anyone looking for a great meal, a few gift items, and a three-hour Hindi-language musical now knows exactly where to go.

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Steven Blum said...

Love it! Sounds awesome. Thanks for the tip.