Thursday, September 17, 2009

R.I.P., Mary

The female third of Peter, Paul & Mary has died. 2009 certainly hasn't been a very good year for beloved celebrities who remind me of my childhood. I had a Peter, Paul & Mary T-shirt as a kid -- in fifth grade or thereabouts -- and was mercilessly mocked for it. PP&M might have been easy to make fun of, but their harmonies were gorgeous, and their best songs seem immortal to many people of my parents' generation, and even to some of my peers (albeit mostly the Oberlin-educated ones). Though I didn't appreciate my fellow students' taunts, I'm proud to have so brazenly displayed my love for PP&M in elementary school. I adore indie pop and rock, but I sometimes think back with affection to the unusual tween I was, well schooled in folk and classical music but ignorant of the stuff most kids were listening to.

Be well, Mary Travers. I hope you're frolicking in the autumn mist somewhere.

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