Saturday, February 16, 2008

More odds and ends

Though described by Greg as "no Grey Album," Amplive's hip-hop Radiohead remixes still seem worth a listen.

Not into remixes? Perhaps you'll enjoy these mashups.

In Juno news: That sound you hear is a collective sigh of relief.

In anticipation of the new Michel Gondry movie, Be Kind Rewind (which looks extremely sweet and fun), here's a "sweded" cover of The Wedding Singer, featuring yours truly:

Expect the film to usher in an absolute deluge of "sweded" movies on YouTube. This, Cloverfield, and Diary of the Dead (which I wish I wasn't way too squeamish to see) are already shaping up as this year's YouTube-savvy cinematic trifecta.

Speaking of "sweding," this is what pinball looks like when it's "sweded."

In (belated) honor of Valentine's Day, here's a pretty good article about marriage from MSN.

Finally, here's more on the Milkshake Phenomenon. Drink up!

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