Friday, February 1, 2008


It would have been January's best neologism, if only it had appeared in January. Alas.

In exciting personal news, our new housemate, David, attached something called a router -- try to follow me here, people; I know it's getting confusing -- to our Wi-Fi hookup, allowing me to actually get an Internet connection in my weird little mother-in-law cabin. Which is where I'm writing from now. It's so exciting that rather than watch one of the two movies I just rented -- Red Road and Ira & Abby, FYI -- I've spent the last, oh, two hours happily Googling and Facebooking and whatnot. And now I have a difficult decision to make: finally watch a movie at home or head down to the Seattle Laser Dome for "Laser Radiohead."

I've had a somewhat rough couple of days, but this choice reminds me of how ridiculously privileged I am. (Similar reminder: discussing the recent AP story about Haitians eating dirt at, of all things, a potluck.) I know, I know -- it should be totally obvious to me at all times. It's amazing how I forget that burrowing further into my (unnecessary) frustrations won't usually help me out of them; on that note, I'm considering caucusing for Obama on my birthday. (It would sweeten the pot, of course, if Obama Girl were there, but I'm not counting on it.)

Better late than never: Checked out Michael's Idolator poll. Confirms what a good year it was for music, and hey, the illustrations are simply awesome. In more self-serving news, I wrote some new little things this week.

P.S. If you can see Mike Daisey's "Monopoly!" monologue, please do so. It's utterly awesome. He's right up there with Spalding Gray. Seriously.

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Kate said...

Our magazine has a photoshoot with Obama Girl tomorrow morning.