Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks, Anonymous!

After a previous post drew an angry response from an anonymous commenter, I was concerned to see that Anonymous had struck again, this time responding to a more recent post in which I expressed interest in intentional communities. This Anonymous, as it turns out, is a very different kind: the helpful kind. He or she pointed me towards the Sirius Community in Massachusetts, whose proper Web site I'm having trouble accessing sans Flash but whose page on Living Routes intrigues me. If anyone out there, anonymous or not, has anything to share about Sirius or any other intentional community, please come forth from the shadows!

On a more local note, here's what I hope to make for potluck tonight:

Actually, it'll be with green olives rather than cranberries, but you get the picture.

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Tony Skyhouse said...

You should check out the Intentional Communities Website at www.ic.org as well as the Intentional Communities Directory.

You can even check out Sirius's directory entry

Hope this helps.