Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you like falafel?

You do? Oh, good. I had Hallava's falafel once at a Vespa event (those were the days, my friends -- the days in which I was contemplating buying a scooter), and it rocked my vegetarian world. Now I yearn to revisit it at one of its sort-of-permanent locations. It's kind of like a Middle Eastern answer to Skillet!

Also on the food front: White Center's Mexican food, in particular 16th Avenue's Taqueria Del Rio. Yes, I know, everyone and their brother has already experienced its bargain-priced deliciousness ($6.50 or so for a full plate of veggie enchiladas smothered in cheese, plus rice, plus chips and salsa!), but I have to add my voice to the chorus of praise. Also: Aaron's Auto Wrecking (the reason I was in White Center in the first place) rules for putting a solid $50 used tape player in my beloved car. Thanks, Aaron, whoever you are!

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