Saturday, April 25, 2009

Less meat, more meet

As my research for the Birthright article continues, I'm finding a lot of interesting stuff about various organizations' attempts to attract unaffiliated post-college/pre-family Jews -- aka the hottest demographic in the world of Jewish outreach. A recent story in The Baltimore Jewish Times has some noteworthy things to say about what young Jews are and aren't looking for in community. To wit:
The alumni surveyed in all four cities said they would like to be more involved than they were in Jewish life. Most preferred small gatherings to large, anonymous “meat market” Jewish events.

“They’re happy to eat free food and drink free beer at those big events, but they don’t feel it meets their needs to find Jewish community,” Chertok reports.
This certainly echoes what the Kibbutz is trying to do. Nice to see it validated in print!

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