Friday, May 22, 2009

Inside Cheney's Brain

Wondering why Dick has been such a dick lately? CBS's Andrew Cohen thinks he's figured it out. Joel and I were discussing this just the other day. I see Cheney as a man with nothing to lose, politically speaking, who figures he might as well see how much mileage he can still get out of fear-mongering, like the kind he and Dubya used after 9/11. Cohen seems to see it my way; Joel questions Cheney's strategic smarts. Obama does seem to be handling the attacks with characteristic aplomb, though I was disappointed by his backslide on military tribunals. (That actually bothered me more than his supposed flip-flop on the torture images, which might simply reflect a man who can change his mind instead of stubbornly sticking to his guns, reflection be damned. Unlike, say, our previous president.)

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