Saturday, May 9, 2009

Windows on the world

Yesterday, my first full day wearing my new glasses, was a little odd. After all, I've had the previous frames for so long that I don't remember when I got them. The new pair has virtually the same prescription, but the frame is quite different, and I think there's no question that it both fits my face better and is more stylish. Considering that the new glasses have a different "face feel" and different dimensions than the old ones (which means it's a little harder to ignore the frames, which still appear in my peripheral vision), I'm doing pretty well. I was able to power through my usual OCD-ish tendencies ("These feel weird; I don't like them; I can't go through an entire day wearing them") and have started to really get used to my new specs.

When I first picked them up, I thought maybe they had been a waste of money, a silly luxury. But glasses are one of the first things people notice about you when they meet you, and it's nice to be more confident about how mine look. It's true, too, that when you have a pair for as long as I've had the previous one, they come to represent your idea of vision -- they really are like little windows on the world, and if you don't change them up, say, once a decade, a new pair can seem like an intruder. I look forward to the day when I don't think about my new glasses at all, and I think it's coming soon.

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Jen said...

My trusty six year old glasses - from Group Health on 15th Ave. East, no less! - tragically snapped in half on Tuesday, due to a slip on a slick sidewalk en route to school, so I, too, am having that weird eye-feel of adjusting to new glasses. It seems like it really shouldn't be *that* different; after all, they're just glasses. But those glasses have been an integral (though subtle) part of my senses, all day, every day, to the point where I am are literally lost without them. I actually miss those plastic tortoise shell frames! (But I'm moving on with my snazzy blue and yellow enameled wire rims.)

(BTdubs: Hi!)
(BTdubs2: I actually had to nerdtastically tape the bridge of the old glasses with masking tape and walk around like that for the better part of the week. AWESOME.)