Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Mammoth" expectations

I'm a big fan of Swedish director Lukas Moodysson, so I was excited to discover that he has a new film coming out -- with Michelle Williams in a lead role, no less. It'll be great to see her continue to flex the acting muscles she showed off in Brokeback Mountain. Both Together and the devastating Lilja 4-ever demonstrated Moodysson's skillful touch with actors and mastery of tone, so I'm eager to see what he brings to a fairly ordinary-looking troubled-marriage story. Also anxious to see Andrew Bujalski's newest, Beeswax, at Northwest Film Forum this week. I've been following Bujalski's work ever since I reviewed his wonderful feature debut, Funny Ha Ha (scroll down after clicking to read my review), and I'm always interested to see what he's up to. Doesn't hurt that Beeswax has been getting raves from many a critic, including Kibbutz regular Leyna Krow. If that girl doesn't know about mumblecore, who does?

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