Monday, January 5, 2009

1,000 words

My mom just sent me this picture of my father, which was sent to her by my father's longtime secretary. (I know the term is "administrative assistant," but I'm trying to avoid revisionist history; back then, people really did say "secretary.") The time: the '80s. The place: the office of Junior Year in Freiburg/Munich, the Wayne State University study-abroad program that my father directed, and which he resident-directed in '84 and '88 (the two years that we, as a family, spent in Freiburg, Germany).

One detail that jumped out at me from this old picture: the box of Stoned Wheat Thins on the shelf behind my dad. I loved those crackers when I was a kid, and clearly I acquired that love -- as I did my love of movies, most of my sense of humor, and quite a few other things -- from him. I hope to begin scanning old family photos sometime this year so I can post them here and on Facebook. As I near thirty, I find my thoughts naturally turning to my father, and what he might think of where I am now and what I'm doing. I think he'd be pretty pleased, all in all.

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