Thursday, January 8, 2009

Um, no

Another hard-hitting MSN Careers article asks the hot-button question: "Should Your Boss Be Your Facebook Friend?"

Particularly ridiculous is this passage:
"If you use Facebook to air political rants, document your wild weekend escapades, post wacky photos or vent about your job, you should obviously have some concerns about letting your boss view this aspect of your life," Rutledge cautions.
Don't use Facebook to vent about your job. That seems like an obvious "don't," unless you're beyond caring about potentially being fired and/or feel confident that there's an airtight seal on your profile. I don't even think I'd use Facebook to "document my wild weekend escapades," if I had any.

That said, I am Facebook friends with prior bosses, and that's working out just fine. Recent focus on Facebook "Netiquette" (sorry) does interest me, since a former work acquaintance posted something not too long ago that I would have thought too personal and weighty to disclose via Facebook. Thing is, it's becoming many people's go-to method for information dissemination, almost regardless of the information's nature.

So MSN's article has its heart sort of in the right place. I just don't think it makes sense to let your boss have daily access to your status updates, much less your decision to post that Lonely Island video whose name I still can't write here -- in case my boss reads this blog.

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