Thursday, January 15, 2009

News you may be able to use

First off, Geoff Carter's new bl-g (that one's for you, Geoff) is excellent.

Also, Jeffrey Toobin's New Yorker piece on Barney Frank is fantastic. The magazine's profiles of political figures are so consistently outstanding that I wonder how many other U.S. publications even come close.

And finally, my mom sent me a video of a German meteorologist interacting amusingly with the station's official cat:

Oh, and the Oberlin Stories Project is awesome, too. I hope to contribute sometime soon -- perhaps after I return from my East Coast trip, which starts tomorrow, ends Jan. 26, and includes a side trip to the Inauguration and a stay at Moishe House D.C. I'll be writing about my experience for, and likely also here as well. Stay tuned!

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Geoff Carter said...

Sir, you are too kind. Stay warm in DC!