Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More from the Facebook exercise thread

Neal Schindler
@Rob: What do I wear to swing dance?
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Catherine Dean
Neal, if *I* can get over middle school, *you* can get over middle school.

If you're concerned about leading (or having to improvise as a lead, which you will do mostly do as a male swing dancer), try contra:


Everything is choreographed, the energy is high, the music is live, no partner is needed (everyone switches around each dance, generally) and although you dance as leads and follows the lead doesn't really have to "lead" at all. Highly, highly recommended and while I don't know the Seattle group, I know in VA we are very welcoming to beginners. Attire is ultra casual (shorts, t-shirt, comfy shoes or sandals or bare feet). Best of all, your first time coming is often free or half price. Check it out!

Emilie Walker
Hi Neal...you know, jogging is incredible for the blues. I get the blues too, sometimes pretty strong- and that is one of the things that helps the most...that,dancing, breathing and meditation. I don't know how you start...I guess it's good with a friend sometimes... but it helps a lot....
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Jordan Brackett
There's actually evidence that jogging can be good for your knees in the long term. I agree that the best advice is just to start, but start slow. For me, that amounted to going on a treadmill (but this could also be done outside). I figured I should be able to do a 10 minute mile pace, which I did. After a little while, I built up. It will come pretty easy to you after a little while.
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Roslyn Schindler
Yes, I have photos of you in marching band, Neal. I have tried contra dancing and like it. Going again on Dec. 1 with friends. The key to exercise is finding a program that works for YOU--whether it's walking, jogging, dancing, or whatever. Like you, I dislike exercise per se, but I do like walking and dancing.
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Roslyn Schindler
I enjoyed reading all the advice above because I, too, am in need of stepping up (pun intended) my exercise program. The best advice is starting slow and working your way up. It is also true--I know from experience--for both physiological and psychological reasons that exercise helps the blues! Buena suerte!!
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Neal Schindler
Thanks to the second wave of advisers! I did contra in college and there are great groups here, so I should look into that. @Emilie, I have done meditation and found it helpful; as with physical exercise, the trick is to keep at it even though it can feel hard. My main enemy re: jogging right now, besides myself, might be the crappy Seattle weather; those people who jog in the rain in shorts and a T-shirt seem nuts to me.
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Roslyn Schindler
With all due respect, those people ARE nuts! There are indoor tracks, of course, that allow for walking and jogging. I didn't know you'd tried contra dancing! And as the old adage goes: many things that are worthwhile are hard! . . . On another note, I am watching and listening to the celebration in Berlin of the fall of the wall twenty years ago today. Also commemorated is Kristallnacht, 71 years ago. From the darkest to the lightest day in Germany . . . .
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Dafi Ebrahim Al Mannai
3 tips (from a former jogger and current lardball):

1. Get good running shoes, but make sure to walk in them for a few days (jogging in a brand new pair would almost certainly create blisters).

2. Even a 10-minute jog might seem impossible at first. Many experienced runners recommend that newbies alternate between jogging and walking for fixed intervals that allow you to jog to your limit and then walk briskly until you recover (depending on your current fitness level, might be good to have a 1:4 jog-to-walk ratio at first- say 30 secs to 2 mins, later 1 min to 4 min, etc, increasing the ratio over time as your fitness improves).

3. It's good to push yourself, but don't kill yourself. Until your heart and other muscles adapt, you should take it easy and, most importantly, listen to your body. I once went months not being able to run (or even walk properly) because I'd chosen to ignore a slight hint of pain in my knee and carry on. By the end of my run, I was limping.

Finally, it might be important to point out that jogging is not running; this is the subject of debate, but I've found it handy to distinguish the former as moving such that one and only one foot is touching the ground at any time, whereas the latter would contain (brief) instances during which you're airborne (walking, on the otherhand, would see periods where both feet are on the ground).

homework due Wed; quiz on Thurs
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