Monday, November 30, 2009

My favorite toothbrush ever

Ultra-soft bristles, a handy travel case, a helpful angular design, and a past life as yogurt cups -- the Preserve toothbrush is wonderful. (My mom introduced me to it this weekend.) I rarely rave about consumer products (other than my beloved North Face jacket), but this one deserves high praise. Check out the specs:
  • Handle 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles new nylon

  • Easy-to-grip curved handle

  • Tiered bristles for gentle, thorough cleaning

  • Completely recyclable after use

  • Toothbrush replacement subscription service available

  • BPA free

  • Made in the USA
The brush comes in six handle colors, including eggplant and pear green. The market still has a dearth of ultra-soft toothbrushes, and Preserve's recycled-and-recyclable status makes it good for the world as well as your enamel. And the case it comes with! So smart. Now I'll never again have to put my brush in a Ziploc bag when I go on a trip.

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