Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Overheard in Seattle

Now that fate has demoted me from driver to Metro rider, I get to eavesdrop again. In the spirit of the great and mystical OINY, I aspire to bring you, from time to time, snippets of other people's amusing conversations. (So does LiveJournal's Overheard in Seattle community, which is definitely worth a look.) What I hope will be a recurring feature debuts with this little gem:

Female student on cellphone: Mary Poppins was not crucial to my philosophical development!

--Metro bus (#73) on 15th Avenue Northeast in Ravenna

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Diana said...

Heh. I love this kind of stuff. I once posted what I'd overheard at an apple-picking farm, as one nine-year-old girl imparted the wisdom of life to another nine-year-old:

“You know, people are like apples. They can look beautiful on the outside, but… when you taste them, they’re disgusting.”

At least she got the first part right.