Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One more argument for the elimination of television

I kid, of course. But I couldn't help but be both intrigued and amused by today's Herald Tribune article on yet another of TV's many (alleged) side effects. It's the new smoking, people. I expect that in the next several years, scientists will link excessive Family Matters viewing to blood clots, too much Full House to severe schizophrenia, and any contact whatsoever with America's Funniest People to massive stroke.


Kelly H. said...

Novel Idea for Researchers: Maybe the people already prone to depression are more likely to watch TV and correlation doesn't always equal causation. Hmm.

But, yes, let's immediately jump to "TV causes depression."

Neal said...

Key sentence:

"There was no association of depression with exposure to computer games, videocassettes or radio."

I'd love to see the kid who just spent too goddamn much time glued to "All Things Considered" and now can't get out of bed because life is meaningless.

M said...

http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200903/television is also very much worth reading.