Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Purim madness

I'm not often found at a Tia Lou's, the popular Belltown club where flirting, "macking," hair-twirling, and various other mating rituals are known to occur with some regularity. However, you'll find me there the night of Monday, March 9, because I'm co-organizing a gigantic Purim party with folks from Jconnect and other Jewish organizations. Which means: You should come, too. The theme is '80s Bar Mitzvah, I'll be working the door for an hour, and the incomparable Leyna Krow will be hiding behind her camera (I mean, serving as unofficial party photographer). C'mon -- you know you wanna don a costume, drink margaritas, and engage in coquetry on a school night. You know you do.

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